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The present general conditions govern contracts of lodging finalized between LivinParis and its clients (hereafter ‘Clients’ or ‘Residents’).



These general terms and conditions form an integral part of the accommodation contract, which is subject to the Tourism Code without any possibility of remaining in the premises or of domiciliation. Under no circumstances may the client take advantage of the legal provisions relating to residential leases under common law, and the client acknowledges and undertakes never to declare the premises that are the subject of the accommodation contract as his or her main residence, unless he or she is held responsible and the present contract is automatically terminated.



The reservation of an apartment is only valid after acceptation of the reservation by LivinParis. A deposit must be paid by the client before a reservation can be made. If a deposit is not paid, LivinParis may, at its discretion, not accept the reservation. This deposit must be made by means of a valid bank or credit card issued by a well-known established institution known to be solvent and after communication of its parameters, in particular card number and expiry date, or by instant SEPA transfer.



Prices are indicated in euro and include all taxes and charges excepting the French ‘taxe de séjour’ (daily tourist tax) and only concern the provision of an apartment.  Any optional services are not included in this price. The ‘taxe de séjour’ (French tourist daily tax) is a maximum of 5€ (five euros) per adult and per night.  Prices are subject to change without notice and optional services are not included in the price, regardless of the country. LivinParis reserves the right to pass on any changes in VAT rates or tourist taxes at the legally applicable rates. The LivinParis company only accepts the following bank or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Cash payment is possible only for transactions of an amount inferior to 1,000 € (only for persons who are French residents for tax purposes and 15,000 € for foreign residents).

The entire price of the stay must be paid before access to the apartment, as is also the case for any optional services for which there is an additional charge.  The same applies in the case of any extension of the stay.  The reservation is only definitive once these amounts have been paid in full. Early departure will not give rise to any refund.  Any delay in payment will lead to a surcharge of 1.5% per month of delay from the date the invoice is due.


Article 4 - DEPOSIT

At check-in and before the keys are handed over the guest gives LivinParis a security deposit against any damage that may occur during the stay in the apartment. The amount of the security deposit is set at 10% of the amount of the reservation, with a minimum of 500 €. This deposit must be paid by authorized bank card and will be returned within three working days of the check-out date if no damage has been found in the apartment. In the event of an anomaly in the apartment on departure, or non-compliance with the internal regulations, the deposit will be returned within one month, after deduction of the costs. If the security deposit is less than the cost of repair of damage, the Client commits to pay the balance of the damage within 48 hours of notification by LivinParis, after which the amount due will be increased by interest at a rate of 1.5% per month of delay.



LIVINPARIS welcomes the client upon arrival to ensure that the accommodation contract is in order, the payment of the stay and the deposit as well as the handing over of the keys, code and/or badge, and to ensure the visit of the premises (inventory of fixtures). The Client agrees to contact LivinParis within 30 minutes of arrival at the following number: +33 (0)7 87 78 29 13. Check-in time is between 15h00 and 22h; Check-out time is before 11h00. Late arrivals between 20h00 and 22h00 will be charged 30 €. After 22h no check-in is provided or guaranteed. At the time of check-out, the client returns the keys and performs an exit inspection. If no check-out was performed, the rented premises will be assumed to be in the same condition as LivinParis found them after the Client's departure. If the Client has not returned the keys by the end of the check-out time, he/she expressly authorizes LivinParis to repossess the premises, leaving all personal belongings behind, without prejudice to any penalties and damages.

A fee of 300 € will be charged for lost or unreturned keys. Lost or unreturned badges will be charged at 100 €.



All cancellations must be notified to LivinParis in writing and will only be effective upon receipt. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Tenant, the deposit paid is non-refundable. Any cancellation not made within the period indicated in the reservation results in compensation equivalent to the total amount of the stay due. Failure to arrive in the absence of a cancellation will be deemed a ‘no-show’ and will be subject to the above cancellation charges. Early departure of the Client for any reason whatsoever does not entitle any refund from LivinParis.



The rates include the cost of check-in, cleaning and laundry on departure of the Client and the supply of household linen (sheets and towels). LivinParis also offers the following services for a fee: daily cleaning service; daily linen laundry service.  These additional services are to be booked by phone, email, or at check in, and are subject to availability. The cost varies according to the size of the apartment.



The apartment will be made available to the resident in a good state of repair. The resident will use the rented premises and their facilities in a reasonable and prudent manner. The resident must report any anomaly, missing or damaged objects, if any, within 4 hours of arrival. The resident grants LivinParis the right to enter the premises to carry out any form of maintenance, repair or inspection. LivinParis reserves the right to enter the rented premises for security or emergency purposes.

The resident undertakes: 

- to never exceed the capacity of the flat (which corresponds to 2 persons per bedroom + 2 persons for the living room); 

- not to cause any disturbance to the neighbourhood, and in particular, not to organise any dance party or musical event or any event where the number of guests exceeds the capacity of the flat; 

- not to carry out any commercial, craft or professional activity in the apartment, and not to store any furniture on the premises; 

- not to smoke in the rented premises or cause any noise pollution in the day or night.

- not to throw into sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc. objects that could block the pipes, failing which he/she will be liable for the costs of repairing these appliances. 

- to immediately inform LivinParis of any damage to the rented premises, even if there is no apparent damage. 



LivinParis cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings in apartments. LivinParis shall not be liable for exceeding the accommodation capacity of the flat by the resident, who shall bear all the consequences of this failure. If LivinParis cancels a reservation for any reason whatsoever, LivinParis commits to make every effort to provide the Client with an equivalent property for the same dates. In the event that alternative accommodation is not available, LivinParis will reimburse the Customer on a pro rata basis.


Article 10 - PENALTY

The contract will be terminated automatically, without formality and without delay, in the event of non-performance by the resident of any of his/her obligations or inappropriate behaviour likely to disturb other residents in the building. The resident must leave the premises immediately without being reimbursed for the amount of the reservation. In the event of failure to do so, the client will automatically be liable to pay an occupation fee of 2.5 times the daily price of the reservation for each day started in the accommodation. If necessary, the client may be evicted with the assistance of the police. As a penalty, the amount of the security deposit will automatically be forfeited to LivinParis, without prejudice to any potential damages or interests that may be due. Upon termination of the contract and takeover of the premises by LivinParis, the Client shall be deemed to have relinquished to LivinParis any goods still on the premises. If the goods are of such a nature that they need to be removed and placed in a skip, this will be done at the sole expense of the Client, who commits to pay the price at the first request of LivinParis, in addition to the payment of an occupancy fee of 2.5 times the daily price of the reservation, until the date of removal. If necessary, LivinParis may advance the costs.



The applicable law is French law. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed not to be a part of these Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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